Branding – why is it necessary

Branding is mostly about the reach you give to your company. To your product. The moment we think ice-cream, we think “IBACO”, and with it comes a range of colors, presentations etc, etc, etc. You do not feel that the outlet belongs to different set of people and it could be a franchise when you set into one of those ice-cream parlors.
Same is to do with your business. Every promotional material that you create has to be a design continuity of your logo, your previous design!
Branding, as in Branding is Branding of your logo, your product, your business, your target audience, your USP, your ideology, your conviction in the minds of the millions that would be relating to what is yours. When this branding happens, your first level of success is guaranteed.
Off course, the next level is that your products should be one that your target audience returns to, by benefit of its quality!
Good luck with your branding

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