Logo is an Identity for your Business.

I am listed in Just dial, and every time I get an enquiry on logo design, the first question that would pop-up from a client is, “what is the charge for creating a logo?” I get stuck at that point. Would it not be good, if the questions would be on my experience, my approach and their own requirement? A logo is the actual identity, and branding is the one that launches the business into its own niche. It defines if the company is elite, traditional, conservative, innovative or any which way! But when you put a lid on the price, you stop the imagination right there. Logo is a lot of work.
Logo is the only area where I don’t have an iteration lid. I would work it out till the end for the client’s satisfaction. Sometimes it would just be 1-3 attempts, sometimes even 20. This is the area where I have to understand the boss, his USP of the business, his ideals and passions pertaining to the business, I have to research on the competitors, and make a wise decision on colors, and most important, be sure to tell what the company is about, and the value it carries, and for who it is. It does not end there! I will have to make sure that the logo is workable in poster, banner, bill boards, website, and brochures. I need to check its presentation in a colored background, as a black and white logo, and as a responsive logo.
Lots to do! So it would be really nice if you would care to ask, “Hey give me your credentials, and let’s talk my logo” rather than “what is your price”. Put a price that you think is your business worth.

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