Ariharan Stores

Namma Annachi Kadai!

Taking the original annachi shop to the common man, showing the benefits of keep away from supermarkets, to get specialized and beneficial products, discounts and most important of all, personalized service.

Branding & Marketing to enhance sales @ 2 areas!

This stores has an history of 40 years, yet was facing the monster challenge from the supermarkets. We worked on a brand and market strategy to help develop the shop’s marketing in par with the supermarkets. Today, the stores at both Parry’s and Koyembedu are flourishing with sales, and we look forward to continuing our digital marketing support for the next one year!

A client comfortable to work with, primarily because of the freedom given to think innovative!

  • ClientMr. Ariharan
  • IndustryWholesale Provisional Stores
  • ServicesBranding, E-commerce Website, Catalogues, Mascot Development, Digital Marketing, Poster Design, Animated Clips
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