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totally organic !

Bringing home to all the soul of nature! Millets, grains, and spices are all organically grown in harmony with the environment to make the right proportions of ancestral savory and sweet cuisine for all to enjoy!

A complete end-to-end brand development project, beginning from Brand Development to Digital Marketing.

An impressive Client

Ms. Krithiga & Mr. Anbu, made us excited as their venture was something wholistic and holistic! It offered genuine food solutions with the care of a mother. It was a six months journey, where Ms. Krithiga was very stubborn as well conscious about the packaging of the batter and other health products. She refused to give in, inspite of the delay in finding the right organic packaging, which would be a first in the world of batter selling. Our journey with them begins, from the logo redefining to creating the tagline, brandbook, marketing proposal and business pitch. It is definitely an honor to be trusted from branding to marketing!

Handpicked to last for a long time, in success and health!

Brand Research, Audit & Pitch Proposal

Branding - Logo to website

Digital Marketing

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